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Sintered stone table tops



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Sintered stone tables have a luxurious exterior & amazing durability to elevate your dining space. Sintered table tops can also be used outdoors since it is considered one of the most durable surfaces on the market.




The sintered stone dining table from Ally Stone brings luxury, contemporary aesthetics and long-lasting quality to your home.


Sintering is a process of combining multiple materials into one solid piece. The process actually mimics that of the natural process that creates granite.


Basically the sintering process is the manmade version of the intense heat and pressure that the earth does to materials to create certain surfaces.


When making a sintered stone surface, the materials themselves must be selected and then follow this process, mimicking that of the earth.


To choose which natural materials are put together it is best to know what colors and textures are desired in the final outcome.


Typically in interior design something that has been sintered is made to be used as an expensive kitchen countertop, there are many other uses for this material such as fireplace surfaces, wall cladding and flooring.



Sintered stone table-top for durable surface yet light in weight

Carbon steel legs with extra strength of support

Unique leg design merges timeless sophistication with practicality

Also available in Marble Top Dining Table

How does sintered stone compare to other table types?


Sintered stone is often compared against other material types used for making designer furniture in Singapore, such as quartz and granite. Both quartz and sintered stone are both hard and non-porous options that do not easily stain. However, quartz often comes at a higher price and often has man-made elements, such as pigments and resin binders; while sintered stone is fully composed of natural minerals and has greater options for patterns and colours.


Tops such as marble and granite are made from a single stone, making their design more unique compared to sintered stone. Marble offers less hardness compared to sintered stone, while granite has higher porosity, making sintered stone dining tables an overall more hardy, durable, and affordable solution to 


Table Top: 12mm thickness sintered stone

Frame/Leg Construction: Carbon steel

Assembly: Minor assembly required

Maintenance: Clean with soft damp cloth

Colour: Table-top available in 4 colours. Please scroll down the page & select

Dimensions: available in 6 sizes. Please scroll down the page & select

Shape: Table-top available in 3 shapes. Please scroll down the page & select

Dining chairs are NOT included. Shop matching Dining Chair or view all dining chairs here

Note: colour and patterns of sintered stone may vary due to natural characteristics of the material.



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