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Cement quartz tops for kitchen with Waterfall

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Debating this high-end option for your kitchen or bathroom? You've looked at dozens of samples for your new countertops. After deliberating on all the colors, textures, and maintenance involved, you've finally settled on the material.


While picking the right material for your countertop is a task all its own, the edge is one of the most prominent features. The countertop edge is what you, your friends, and your family will gather around, sit next to, lean against, and bump into every time you’re in the kitchen.


What Edge Treatment Is Right For Your Countertops? There are many edges for options, FLAT&POLISHED EDGE, ROUNDED EDGE, BULLNOSE EDGE, BEVELED EDGE, Demi-Bullnose, CHISELED EDGE, Mitered EDGE, Dupont, French Cove and OGEE EDGE.


Waterfall countertops are not a fad!


Trends come and go but this classic kitchen design is here to stay. When used in a contemporary kitchen, it’s a modern and dramatic way to feature a beautiful countertop. I am sure you like it absolutely too. In a cookspace, a waterfall countertop can be a stunning focal point, linking floor design with cabinetry in one dynamic sweep and elevating an ordinary island to the level of fancy furniture. Though it would have no place in a traditional home, a waterfall countertop offers the strong, clean lines key to a contemporary kitchen.



What Are Waterfall Countertops?


Conventional countertops consist of a slab resting atop base cabinets or an island. While this can certainly be beautiful in its own right, a waterfall countertop edge creates a more dramatic look. With this design, the countertop has vertically-extending sides that reach to the floor.


What materials are suitable for Waterfall Countertop?


Most designers now use quartz countertops to create the waterfall look. Choosing Quartz countertops to make the top look like it’s made from one continuous material. Ally Stone combine the natural beauty of quartz with resins and pigments to produce a versatile material. We can flawlessly match veining or exclude it altogether to create a waterfall countertop island that looks like one cohesive material.