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Modern Design Special Tinted Jade Glass Artificial crystal Stone Glasses for Countertop Island top

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Modern Design Special Tinted Jade Glass / Artificial Krystal Stone Glasses for Architectural and Furniture


Jade Glass also called "Krystal Stone series products" , which be consist of silicate ,passed firing under high temperature. There is no resin chemical products, green environmental protection, no radiation, anti-weathering, zero bibulous rate, suction dirt, high gloss, high density, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, good mechanical performance, impact resistance, compressive strength and bending strength are even higher than common glass and stone. And its gloss eternal, texture like jade, and nobly elegant.

Color Tinted Artificial Stone GlassJade Glass for Countertop and Home Decoration (2)


Environmental friendly, same quality as a whole, crystal & shining, natural jade texture, luxury & beautiful.It


Can be deep processed such as toughening, hot bending, hole drilling, beveling, etc.

1) Environmentally friend products. No radiation

2) Inorganic substance, on-aging, on-discoloring

3) Rich color and elegant texture.

4 )Translucent .Can be used to create various effects ,combined with lighting.



1).Maximum size:1200x2400mm,1400x3000mm

2).Range of thickness of jade glass:15mm,20mm,30mm

3).Color: Green, amber brown, white, emerald green,clear,grey

4).Classification: Jade glass can be divided into transmitting jade glass and matt jade glass etc.


1. Decoration material for both exterior and interior wall, in luxury hotel,  airport, and subway station, hospital, Bank, villa, etc.

2. Making furniture, cabinet, wash sink, sanitary ware for bathroom, table-board, etc.

3. Art works processing such as spray painting, carving, image baking .Etc.

4. Building exterior decoration, such as curtail wall, semi-transparent wall, columns.

5. Floor materials such as floor, staircase,etc.

Color Tinted Artificial Stone GlassJade Glass for Countertop and Home Decoration (1)

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