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Agate Stone Design Countertops Thicker Hotel Backlit Recycled Jade Glass Ash white jade glass/onyx slab / onyx bar top / onyx countertops prices for hotel project

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Transparent stone, transparent marble, jade glass,


Jade Glass Stone Translucent Recycled Glass Stone Panels, Many colors available for the Backlit wall facade, countertops, worktops, table tops, reception desk decoration.


Jade Glass Stone is a refused Recycled Glass Surface. It is made from Recycled Colors glass waste by proper temperature to refuse together and forms a Transparent and Semitransparent effect on the material. It can be backlit for the wall, countertops, work tops, floor application.

Ash White Counter top jade glass modern kitchen  (3)


Normal Jade Glass Stone Slab size: 3000x1400x20mm,

Thickness: 20mm & 30mm.

20mm is normal stock thickness, 30mm is special order need bigger order quantity to fill a full stove production. 


Jade Glass Stone Colors


The color of the Jade Glass results from the chosen glass source and its inherent opacity or translucency. There are 13 common Jade Glass colors by far.

Choose the Jade Glass color that best suits your design and application for solid surface glass whether you are selection for a countertop, island top, vanity top, wall cladding, stair treads, backlit effect wall facade or other unique item.

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1).Maximum size:1200x2400mm,1400x3000mm

2).Range of thickness of jade glass:15mm,20mm,30mm

3).Color: Green, amber brown, white, emerald green,clear,grey

4).Classification: Jade glass can be divided into transmitting jade glass and matt jade glass etc.

Agate Stone Design Countertops Thicker Hotel Backlit Recycled Jade Glassartificial translucent faux jade glass stone for exterior wall


Decorative door ;Window glass; Partition glass ;Furniture glass; Shower room glass; Wall glass;Office,Bar,KTV.


1. Building exterior decoration, such as curtail wall, semi-transparent wall, columns.


2. Public building interior decoration, such as office, transportation terminals, exhibition Centre, club,etc.


3. Floor materials such as floor, staircase,etc.


4. House decoration, used in places such as washing room, kitchen, wall decoration,etc


5. Furniture: such as table top, tea table, wine cabinet, bars countertop.


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