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Why is it easy to confuse quartz with artificial marble and how can I quickly tell the difference

Time : 2022-12-21 Hits : 43

Quartz stone is an artificial stone die-casting plate, the plate filler is more than 90% quartz and 7% resin synthesis, the filler used quartz sand stone by the past impurities, does not contain harmful objects and radiation sources. Known as the indoor green decorative stone, so the price of quartz stone compared to other stone is much higher. Also known as engineered stone, artificial stone is similar in appearance to quartz. However, it is filled with natural rubble, i.e. stone rubble that is reused and is used for outdoor projects and is cheaper.

How can two stones so similar be distinguished from each other?

Although both quartz and artificial marble belong to the artificial stone die-casting plate, the pressure of the press and the production equipment are still different. First look at their specific gravity, quartz compared to other stone density is high, so the same size sample block of granite to much lighter. Then look at the side, quartz stone is artificial fabric particles evenly distributed, inside and outside the same. Finally look at their hardness, quartz is second only to diamond, its hardness up to Mohs hardness level 7, so the general iron is no way to its scratch.




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