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What thickness of quartz countertop should I get?

Time : 2022-12-21 Hits : 35

The quartz countertop is getting more and more popular in all over the world, it makes our kitchen looks modern, and easy to clean. A quartz countertop is a good investment in your kitchen or any other place in your home. Having said that, shopping for a quartz countertop involves more than just choosing the right color, pattern, or texture. So what thickness of quartz countertop should you get? 2cm or 3cm?

The availability of quartz thickness

There are three thickness grades of quartz countertops:

Ultra-thin (1-1.2cm)


Thin (2cm)

Thick (3cm)

Is Thin Quartz Countertops good?

Thinner quartz countertop slabs have a lustrous look, but their lack of thickness (ranging from 1 to 2 cm) comes with several disadvantages, like the need for extra support for overhangs. Their thinness makes them fragile and hence more prone to breakage.


What Advantages of Thick Quartz Countertops?

Given the inadequacy of thin slabs, installation professionals usually recommend a thickness of 3 cm for quartz countertops. A 3cm thick slab is at the top of the list when it comes to strength and durability.

Thicker quartz countertop designs look more luxurious and typically offer a more classic appearance. Usually, 3-cm quartz countertops are more expensive because they are more durable than thinner ones.

The thicker ones like 2cm or 3cm are more sturdy and weight-resistant. One consideration to keep in mind is that, 3 cm thick quartz countertops are heavier and will add more weight to your cabinets and flooring. Fortunately, their thickness makes them strong enough to support the weight independently without extra support pieces, like in the case of thinner ones. Thicker countertops can withstand considerable weight, making them well suited for places that experience a lot of activity.