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Mordern Bathroom shower niche in quartz and Engineered Marble

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If you want your shower to look more like a spa than a storage place for various shampoo bottles and soaps, then consider installing a shower niche in your bathroom. So what materials would you like to choose? Natural marble, granite, or quartz? Frankly speaking, they are all suitable. But quartz Niche and engineered stone niche are very popular.

Designed to be installed quickly, these shower niches are available in standard sizing and in large quantities for condo, apartment, townhouse or hotel contracts. Or we can always provide just one for your home!


Ally Stone is supplying Stone Niche all the time, below are the most Popular Shower Niche Sizes and Dimensions.



Standard Shower Niche Size


Assuming that you are considering installing a prefab tile ready foam board shower niche, the most popular standard shower niche size is 12wide x 28high x 3-1/2deep. This is based on sales volume of the biggest brand of prefab foam shower niches*. The second most popular size is their 12x 12niche.


Stud Bay Width


If you’ve chosen a general location for your shower niche, the first thing you need to check is if the space between the studs will fit the niche size you’ve chosen.


Every shower niche, whether it’s a prefabricated tiling Shower Niche or a finished niche, is designed to be mounted in the standard 14-1/2gap between two of the structural studs in your shower wall.


The problem is that your chosen stud bay may not be the standard 14-1/2that you or your contractor was expecting.

XIAMEN ALLY GROUP supply Custom Built Shower & Bathroom Niches, materials can be natural stone, engineered stone, and also quartz stone. we have own processing factory from slab to finished products, with strong packinbg. 100% waterproof, ready to tile and easy to install, save your time a lot.

Welcome to check more information with us.

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