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Is a Peninsula Right for Your Kitchen?

Time : 2022-03-08 Hits : 25

Different than a freestanding island,kitchen peninsulas offer three sides of workspace, with one end attached to a wall or counter space, often forming an 'L shape.' Peninsula layouts provide ample space and storage for a kitchen, and especially serve as an alternative option to an island for smaller-sized kitchens. That said, peninsulas can be a great design choice for any kitchen, even alongside islands as seen in the designs below.

Is a Peninsula Right for Your Kitchen?

While a kitchen peninsula is not exactly the same as the ever-so-popular kitchen island, it does have its advantages. Peninsulas don’t have space requirements that a typical kitchen island does and with the accessibility only on three sides, it can function as a sort of barrier keeping the traffic flow out of the main work area while still providing the extra prep and storage space.  They can be the perfect solution for achieving an open floorplan in a smaller kitchen. After seeing these kitchen designs you may discover a kitchen peninsula is at the top of your kitchen wish list!


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