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How to store the quartz slab(storage of the quartz slab)

Time : 2022-12-21 Hits : 27

1. Storage of quartz Slabs

• Indoor storage is recommended for Ally quartz slabs.

If quartz slabs are stored outside, they must be kept covered and be stored with the polished faces unexposed. UV light from the sun can react with the plastic resins in the slabs and permanently damage the appearances and change colors.

• The first quartz slab against the frame should be the back side and the next sequential slab should be polished face to polished face. Then the following should be back side to back side and so on.

• Ally Stone must be supported throughout.

If some slabs leans on another slab with gap at the bottom, prolonged storage may cause warping due to pressure.


2. Improper Storage



3. Restoration of bending

A.Lay the deformed slabs on the slab on the pallet.

B.Lay the flat slabs on top of them at least five pieces. Note: Maintain them to 3-5days

Restore from the vertical

A.Lay the deformed slabs against the vertical strike

B.Lean the flat slabs against the deformed slab. Note:Maintain them 3-5days.