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Some people say that if there are no 10 advantages, it is not perfect. Today, I summarize the advantages of 10 sintered stones with you. If there are any omissions, please feel free to comment and leave a message to supplement, and communicate and grow together.


Advantage 1: bendable.

The bendable technology of sintered stone is a unique property of sintered stone. Bendable, can enrich our application in the landing, and better promote and disseminate.


Bendable sintered stone is more creative in design and space usage. Can make the design icing on the cake.

Advantage 2: Antibacterial and environmental protection.

Antibacterial and environmentally friendly sintered stone is not only suitable for upper walls and lower floors, but also in the use of cabinets, countertops, washbasins, bathroom cabinets, etc., on the one hand, it can be used more safely and with confidence for a long time, on the other hand, it does not need Worry about heart dirt, mold and other residues, which will breed bacteria and produce odor.

Advantage 3: safety and hygiene.

The sintered stone can be in direct contact with food. It is a pure natural material, which is non-toxic and non-radiative. At the same time, it fully considers the needs of human sustainable development and is healthy and environmentally friendly.


Nowadays, many people like to change the "island table" and "bar table" from traditional stone to sintered stone, and cook light meals directly on the sintered stone. In fact, it is really feasible, and it is really used by many people.

Advantage 4: fire resistance and high temperature resistance.

Many friends who like to cook Western food will find that if they often bake food in one place with a flame spray gun, whether it is stainless steel or stone, discoloration will appear on it for a long time. However, with the sintered stone we use, there is no need to worry about this problem. The sintered stone will not be deformed by direct contact with high-temperature objects. The sintered stone with A1 fire resistance will not produce any physical changes (shrinkage, cracking, discoloration) when encountering an open flame, nor will it emit any gas or odor.


The cooking operation of pictures seems to be a very common thing at present.

Advantage 5 stain resistance.

Many people are also concerned about hygiene. The water absorption rate of the sintered stone is only 2/10,000. Even if the stain is directly sprinkled on it, it can be cleaned with a paper towel or towel, which is very convenient.

Advantag 6: scratch resistance.

Even a solid wood cutting board will have wear and scratches after a long time. However, the Mohs hardness of the sintered stone is greater than 6, and even if the knife is scraped back and forth with force, no scratches will be left. The wear resistance of sintered stone is quite good. The only good thing is that it cannot be used as a real "chopping board". If you want to chop vegetables or bones, it is recommended that you put a normal chopping board on the rock board. Scratch resistancechop resistance.

Advantage 7: all-round application.

The application of sintered stone is very extensive, it can break the boundaries and use it across borders. You should also notice that in the past year or two, there have been sintered stone refrigerators, sintered stone doors, sintered stone furniture, etc., from decorative materials to applied materials. High standard application requirements.


In fact, the sintered stone is really an "almighty king" product.

Advantage 8: easy to clean.

The sintered stone with good antifouling effect can be cleaned only by wiping it with a wet towel. There is no special maintenance requirement, and the cleaning is simple and fast.

Advantage 9: Corrosion resistance.

The surface of the sintered stone formed by a 27,000-ton press has a very high density, and it is more resistant to corrosion in the face of the pH of daily cleaning products and daily chemical detergents. Resistant to various chemicals, including solutions, disinfectants, etc.

Advantage 10: non-slip.

The anti-skid coefficient of some matte rock slabs is as high as R10, which can be adapted to the ground such as bathrooms and outdoor gardens, and more standards can be customized.